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Entry Level Interview Coaching Session


Cost effective interview coaching to help you land better jobs. Ideal for budget minded new graduates and professionals who lack interviewing experience. If you’re getting 5 interviews and do not get 1-2 job offers, this is for you.


Mock interviews and role playing will be conducted in this 30-minute session. Questions relevant to the position will be posed and our experts will provide guidance on the most effective way to respond and address any issues that may arise. Q & A sessions will build your confidence and allow you to give your best during each interview.

  • A 30-45-minute session that allows for mock interviews and role playing
  • Never again lose a job offer because you couldn’t answer the classic questions
  • Learn how to handle standard interview questions like “greatest weakness,” “job tenure” and “why hire you?”
  • A review of each company you interview with and a list of questions to ask up to 5 companies

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